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What is Globaloria?

  • Globaloria is a computer based program that engages students in critical computing.
  • Globaloria designs courses to engage a broad range of students, especially women and minorities, at an early age.

What is the mission on Globaloria at FMC?

  • Student Engagement-  Learning is fun, but textbooks and lectures can be boring. Deep engagement with learning happens when students feel passion and ownership over their learning experience.
  • Teacher Empowerment- Globaloria aims to empower educators by enhancing their 21st-  century capabilities and STEM learning and teaching opportunities.
  • Opportunity Creation- STEM-related fields will soon account for nearly 8 million U.S. jobs.   Preparing our students for these opportunities is critical to their   success, and to the well being of our society.

How is Globaloria being taught at FMC?

•Engaging lessons

•Application- C.O.W. (Computers on Wheels)

•Creating classroom Makequest games

•Hands on social learning